The results achieved by Acea Group as of 31 December 2021 are in
line with forecasts.

Acea confirms its strategy aimed at making major investments in infrastructure, with a positive impact on the Group’s operating and economic performance, while maintaining a solid financial structure.
The Company has launched a process for the definition of a green transition plan that will chart the path of the Group, in line with the long-term goals of the 2030 Agenda, to lay the groundwork for the update of the Business Plan that will have a ten-year time period.
In relation to the international geopolitical crisis arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there are difficulties and uncertainties when assessing the effects and repercussions that could arise from the continuation of this international crisis.
Management is currently engaged in monitoring the situation on international markets and will continue its analysis of commodity price trends over the coming months. With regard to the short and medium-term effects of a financial nature, the Group is carrying out appropriate monitoring activities in order to take timely action.
The Group’s financial structure is solid for the years to come. At 31 December 2021, 85.7% of debt is fixed rate in order to ensure protection against any increases in interest rates as well as any financial or credit volatility. At 31 December 2021 the average duration of medium/long-term debt stood at 5 years. We can note the reduction of the average cost, which went from 1.74% at 31 December 2020 to 1.42% at 31 December 2021.

For the year 2022 Acea expects: 

  • an increase in EBITDA between 2% and 4% compared to 2021; 
  • investments substantially in line with 2021; 
  • a net financial debt between € 4.2 and € 4.3 billion.