Business and functions of the main group companies

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Today Acea is one of the main Italian multi-utility companies operating in the areas of energy (production, distribution, including public lighting, and sales), water (integrated cycle) and environmental services (waste and materials recovery, treatment and composting). It is the operator of reference in the Rome area for water and energy services; in the water sector, the Group is also present as an industrial partner of local management companies in some areas of Central and Southern Italy (from Tuscany to Campania). Development operations, in line with strategic guidelines, are concentrated in particular on the circular economy and gas sectors. In some sectors, Acea is also positioning itself geographically along the Adriatic coast of Central Italy and in Northern Italy.

Table no. 6 shows some representative data of the Group, while the business areas and geographical reach of the main companies are briefly detailed in Chart no. 2.

Table no. 6 – Acea Group in numbers – 2021

PERSONNEL (number, by % consolidation) 9.348
NET REVENUE (million €) 3.972
INVESTED CAPITAL (million €) 6.504,90
net equity debt 3.988,20
shareholders’ equity 2.516,40
TOTAL BALANCE SHEET ASSETS (million €) 10.628,90
generation (GWh) (gross) 1.009
of which from renewable sources (GWh) (gross) 698,2
hydroelectric 434,7
photovoltaic 78,6
waste-to-energy 153,5
biogas 31,4
network demand (GWh) 9.827
sales (GWh) (free and protected market) 7.768
electricity and gas customers (number) 1.318.911
electricity generation (GWh) (gross total) 356,4
waste burnt (t) 407.121
SRF 307.391
pulper 99.730
bulbs managed in Rome (number) 227.635
drinking water supplied and billed (Group) (Mm3) 632
of which (Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, AdF, GORI and Gesesa) 481
analytical checks on drinking water (Group) (number) 1.472.113
of which (Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, AdF, GORI and Gesesa) 738.470
wastewater treatment (Group) (Mm3) 981
of which (Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, AdF, GORI and Gesesa) 779
inhabitants served (Group) (million) 8,5
of which (Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, AdF, GORI and Gesesa) 6

Chart no. 2 – The businesses of the main Acea companies in the territory