Shareholders and investors - Overview

[GRI - 102-21],

Through the Investor Relations & Sustainability Function and in cooperation with the competent corporate structures, as a listed issuer, Acea provides the financial community with a flow of con- tinuous, timely and useful information for a correct assessment of the Group's current and prospective situation, with a greater emphasis on ESG elements (Environmental, Social, Governance) that are increasingly integrated with financial aspects. The information is conveyed through current and potential direct relationships with analysts and investors, and through specific communications (price-sensitive press releases, company presentations, credit ratings, stock performance, highlights, etc.) that are made available on the institutional website (, respecting the fundamental principles of propriety, clarity and equal access.

Additionally, working with the competent structures, the Corporate Affairs Function is responsible for the management of information flows with the Supervisory Authorities (Consob and Borsa Italiana) and the corporate obligations required by law for listed companies