a sustainable future

Letter to the Stakeholders

2021, which has just ended, was a crucial year for the successful overcoming of the most acute phases of the health emergency and the gradual economic and social recovery of the country and the rest of the world.

If it were possible, just for a moment, to divert our thoughts from what is happening in Europe today, a conflict that marks a deep furrow of discontinuity with respect to the previous world political and economic balances, generating numerous unknowns about the future, we could, on the contrary, highlight the clear and coherent path of the European Union that is strongly characterised by the issues of sustainable and inclusive growth. This was also the case for the Acea Group in 2021.


Relations with the stakeholders


of paper saved thanks to the web bill option (+44%)



Acea Energia’s supply of energy and gas for free market customers


“Green” energy sold by Acea Energia to customers on the free market (+92%)

Acea vaccine Hub

in 2021 over 140,000 vaccine doses anti-Covid-19 administered

Water Kiosks

active: 30 million litres supplied, 601 t of plastic/year saved and 1,580 t of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere


of Siamo Energia! the online edition of Acea Scuola 2021

+ %

growth in shares over the year

1 st

Acea Green Bond:

first Italian corporate issue with negative yield


of institutional investors are “sustainable"


receives the SMAU Innovation Award


initiatives on innovation and sustainability in the Acea Innovation Garage Programme

2 nd

Innovation Day Acea

Building a sustainable future

LTIP and MbO

provide for a composite sustainability indicator

Diversity & Inclusion Plan

defined for 2021-2022

hours of training

in total provided during the year

over € 2


total value of procurement value in 2021 (+66%) and 2,870 suppliers involved

safety inspections at construction sites: non-conformities decrease


model has been adopted for the supplier ESG assessment

We are in fact convinced that business management capable of pursuing sustainable success is, particularly in our time, the only way forward to preserve and develop the common good.

Relations with the Environment

Dealing with vital resources such as water and energy requires the management of complex infrastructures - networks and plants - in the territories and has important impacts on the community. We are committed to ensuring that these impacts become growth opportunities for us and our stakeholders.



of drinking water is supplied by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, GORI, Gesesa and AdF


of waste water processed by the Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, GORI, Gesesa e AdF treatment plants


analytical determinations on the drinking water supplied by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, GORI, Gesesa and AdF


recovered sludge


of Quality Compost produced (+33%)

> kNm³

of biogas produced and, from this, 31 GWh of electricity


of energy produced by waste-to-energy


of recovered ash produced in the waste-to-energy plants


electricity produced in total, of which 69% from renewable sources


of CO2 saved through the production of electricity from renewable sources instead of traditional ones


the automatic satellite system for monitoring the network


of the territorial protection index (underground HV network/total HV network)


of electrical consumption of the Group’s member companies from GO-certified renewable energy equal to around 132 kt of CO2 avoided


of water recovered and reused in industrial processes


of waste recovered on the total waste produced