Waste from distribution of electricity

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Areti, which manages the distribution of electricity, primarily produces waste derived from maintenance or replacement of infrastructure. The Company does not generally produce non-process waste167.contractors, is considered under the responsibility of the parties generating it during performance of their activity and its collection and management is also their responsibility168. Chart no. 62 illustrates the stream for waste generated by Areti activity.

Chart no. 62 – Waste streams for Areti

Chart 62

Table no. 72 – Waste produced by the Areti Company (2019-2021)

Areti waste (t) 2019 2020 2021
total waste 1.964 1.106 2.153
hazardous 1.769 841 1.645
non-hazardous 195 265 508
detail by type of processing
entirely recovered waste 910 747 902
entirely disposed of waste (*) 1.054 359 1.251
of which transformers and capacitors containing PCBs 13 11 0

167With the exception of 2019, in which 142 t of earth and rock containing hazardous substances was produced following special reclamation work.
168This management occurs according to procedure (PRO00.11QAS “Waste Management”) and the quantities produced are handed over for recovery or disposed of by authorised third parties.