Consumption of materials

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The main materials used in production processes differ according to the business sector. For the Companies in the Environment Segment, the most important resources include incoming waste for production of compost and electricity (waste-to-energy from pulper waste and SRF). Thermoelectric plants, managed by Acea Produzione, use fossil fuels (natural gas and diesel) for the produc- tion of electricity. For the electricity distribution process, carried out by Areti, one important gas is sulphur hexafluoride SF6, used in medium and high-voltage plants for its specific electrical and thermal insulation properties. For the Companies in the water seg- ment, there is use of chemical products required for process man- agement, such as reactants for drinking water processing, disinfec- tion and treatment of wastewater. Finally, Acea Energia and the structures managing commercial activity for the Water Companies, whilst all committed to processes of digitalisation, all use paper for customer invoicing. Please see Table no. 59 and the Environmental Accounts for details of resources used by each area.

Table no. 59 – Type and consumption of materials by the main Group Companies (2019-2021)


u.m. 2019 2020 2021

incoming waste for composting and landfill

t 153.330 221.950 249.867


t 94.092 90.215 99.730


t 340.531 319.122 307.391


Sm3 x 1.000 23.703,00 23.495,60 26.101,50

diesel fuel

l 574.405 587.028 646.730


t 21,9 22,3 22,3

various chemicals of water companies

t 15.775 17.951 18.804


t 356 352 341

NOTE: Data on incoming waste includes waste sent for anaerobic and aerobic treatment at the Orvieto landfill and waste processed for the production of compost (sludge, green, OFMSW and other agrifood waste). Pulper and SRF for waste-to-energy are resources with a renewable component linked to the biodegradable fraction of the waste. In 2021, the renewable and biodegradable portions of pulper waste and SRF were approximately 43%. The data for paper are related to the billing of the Companies Acea Energia, Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, GORI, AdF and Gesesa. Some values for the previous two-year period have been adjusted for consolidation.